We started our organic veggie gardens at Fox Cottage in 2018, with the hope that our summer guests would venture into the garden, pick vegetables for their meals, and have some fun puttering in the soil, if they wish. What we found, though, was that most guests seemed too shy to go picking tomatoes or digging around in the carrot beds – though the carrots were the most delicious of all our crops in 2019! But we hope that with some encouragement, everyone will soon feel free to help themselves. Because we don’t use any sprays or toxic pesticides or fertilizers, our veggies are healthy and tasty.

We took a few photos of the 2019 progress of our first new raised beds.  The beds were filled with some very luxurious Coast of Maine organic soil, and then after a cool spring, we were finally able to get our tomato seedlings in. For summer 2020 we are planning more new raised beds and we hope our guests will feel free to have fun in our garden. There’s always a weed or two needing pulling! Guests wishing for some gardening instruction for themselves and their children can arrange for that with the property caretaker.

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carrot braid Sept 2019