snow day

snow sculpture 1 jan 2020Temp today: High 34  Low 8

It’s cozy inside as new snow blankets the day. Today at Fox Cottage the snow is falling gently, lightly, steadily. It ladens the pine branches, tufting along every stone wall and shrub. The sense of peace is broken only by the town snow-plows as they rumble along our frontage road.

maine autumn: time for projects

buildingrustic fence oct 2019

Temp today: High 58  Low 48

Autumn is the best time for outdoor projects around the property. Building rustic brush fences – excellent good fun. After tree branches are downed by the autumn winds and rain, enough are at hand for starting the series of rustic brush fences across the frontage this week. The hardwood stake uprights will age to a lovely grey tone. It’s a never-ending fence build – lovely and natural. The one in the photo above is just getting started. Trees have happily donated lots of branches this week.


bird lovers paradise

bebe of the jungle 2019

Temp today: High 60  Low 41

It was early last Autumn 2018 and things were strangely silent. No bird song, no sound of crickets, nor frogs – it seemed not a single wild being was living on our new acres. Pesticides had done their worst and left our new land lifeless and silent.

Time for action: a bird feeder was set up, throughout 2019 organic gardens were developed with clean soil, flowering plants for pollinators were added all around, and no toxic spraying of any sort allowed.

As the months passed, success was marked in many subtle ways: tiny wild strawberries appeared in the lawn attracting birds, crickets appeared, frogs and toads found homes in the garden beds. The birds came to inspect things. And then more and more returned, seeing that this is now a safe and healthy place for their lives.

Now, every day resounds with the voices of many birds. On the property, life rebounding.

mid-August harvest

veggies august 2019

Temp today: High 75 Low 58

Here we are in mid-August already! The veggie garden is offering up fun little Scarlet Nantes carrots, very sweet and tender, and very oddly shaped cukes right now. (Actually this cuke is the only normal looking one.) There are also beans, beets, lettuces of all sorts. All organic, of course, and available for our guests to pick for their dinners.